About Us

World Of NDT, NDT Understood The Rightway:

Want to become a NDT Engineer?

Want to understand tough NDT concepts easy way?

Want to keep up with the latest happenings in the NDT Industry?

Look no further than World Of NDT.

Who We Are:

We are content aggregators and a distribution platform who are dedicated to help people learn about Non Destructive Testing(NDT) and amplify your Non Destructive Testing knowledge to really help you with your learnings.

What We Do:

We reach our audience through our latest articles, mails, feeds and different media platforms providing with the latest in the field of NDT.

How We Do What We Do:

Data Analysts, Media Planners,Creative Strategists, Scriptwriters and Content Writers, …Our team has a variety of experts who create a powerful strategy to bring out the latest and fresh in the world of NDT.

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