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ASME BPVC ARTICLE 2 describes Radiographic NDT method for examination of materials including casting and weldments. Every two years the America Society of Mechanical Engineers issues an update to the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. New editions it may be used beginning with the date of issuance and become mandatory 6 months after the date of issuance unless modified by the referencing document. Hence the new 2021 editions will become mandatory from January 2021. Several changes has been made which one can find in the summary of changes provided in the code. Including all the changes in one blog is not possible hence We made a comparison of changes made in the Article 2 for conventional film based radiography to provide you a quick ready reference update.

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T 224 System of identification
T-224 Revised
T 231.2 processing and T 262.3 periodic verification

T-231.2  Revised and T-262.3  In subpara. (a), spelling of calibration corrected by errata
T 274.1 Geometric unsharpness Determination
T-274.1 Note revised
T 275 Location Markers

T-275 Revised
T 276.2 Size
T-276.2 In introductory paragraph, last sentence added
T 277.1 Placements of IQI
T-277.1 In subpara. (a), second paragraph revised
T 283.1 Required Sensitivity
T-283.1 First paragraph revised
T 290 Documentation
T-291 Subparagraph (d) revised
Table T 276 2021
Table T 276 2019


  • ASME BPVC Article 2 and Article 1 2019 & 2021

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